Kiversal provides innovative solutions based on medical devices with Internet connectivity which also facilitates the provision and integration of data into information systems. Our first product is a  range of digital smart-audiometers (Audixi 10) easy to use, automatic, fast, safe and connectable that incorporates an  innovative calibration system to simplify and reduce its maintenance costs.

We have developed a medical technology platform to facilitate the design and development of new medical devices.

What technologies are we using?

  1. Mobile Device Development Technologies

    • to streamline product development

    • to improve usability

  2. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

    • to integrate information systems safely,

    • to incorporate the latest communication technologies

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Our areas of interest

We seek technologies and knowledge  to develop innovative solutions that enable monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases.

Some of the chronic diseases that we are interested in are as follows: