Kiversal Cloud-based health system

Kiversal Cloud is an application and a platform that centrally provides the following functionalities to Kiversal devices (such as the IoT Audixi 10 audiometer):

  • Patient and data management
  • Tests and diagnostics display
  • Medical devices control and management and its maintenance
  • Uploading of tests performed by the devices
  • User account management
  • License management
  • Calibration management, etc.

Medical devices developed by Kiversal work in standalone mode but using Kiversal Cloud platform ensures that:

  • all data records are stored centrally
  • and all devices are managed and maintained efficiently
Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block


Our solution leverages the existing technology of the Internet of Things and the Cloud systems:

  • Ease in the data management
  • Inherenly safe design (data encryption)
  • Role-based user access control
  • Connection control for devices based on electronic certificates
  • Public API for interconnection with other management systems
  • Support for remote calibration: devices calibration status viewing 

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