Our K-suite diagnostics software and connectivity options

K-suite diagnostic suite

Report with color audiogram (print in Pdf format, send by e-mail and export in Pdf, XML and CSV formats).

Index Calculation:

  • ELI index (Early Loss Index)
  • SAL index (Speech Average Loss)
  • Modified Klockhoff index 

Calculation of diagnostics including Hearing loss degree:

  • 1979 AMA/AAO (American Medical Association)
  • BSA (British Society of Audiology)
  • Fletcher index

Report customization

The report can be customized with the data of the medical center:

  • Operator's name
  • Company or medical center name
  • Company or medical center logo

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Data Integration

Easy web-based integration with medical center information systems.

Direct data integration (EMR/HIS) using:

  • REST WebServices
  • Web Services SOAP

Allows to download the day's Worklist and export the report via SFTP.

Shared folders

Export reports in PDF, XML and/or CSV formats to a shared folder using the following protocols:

  • SFTP: secure file transfer over the Internet
  • SMB / CIFS: Windows operating system
  • GDT (German market)


Sending of reports in PDF, XML and/or CSV formats by e-mail directly from the device.

The center's mail server can be defined inside the device to send mails from their domain.

Report printing

Printing of reports in PDF format on USB and/or network printers.

The audiometer implements a CUPS server, i.e. an open source printing system that uses the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) to support printing to USB and network printers.

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